Welcome to my blog. This is where I document my learning trail as a software developer, and share with others that may be on the same trail.

I am currently a Microsoft developer by day, but very motivated to morph into a developer proficient in open technologies and bring those skills into my daytime job.

My current endeavor is to become proficient with at least one PHP MVC framework and introduce the requisite tools and technologies into my workplace whose infrastructure is currently 100% based on classic Microsoft development technologies.

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JeniLynn Nakashima

JeniLynn Nakashima artwork.

Search Engine Optimization SEO and Marketing

Here is a blog I am just getting started on the topic of Search Engine Optimization and I wanted to get some link juice flowing over that way.

I will describe the things that I do when setting up websites to position them best for organic search engine traffic.

Best Prices on Domain Names

I have created this page because the ads often show deep discounts on domain names. Often I will go to a search engine and key in "domain name" to see what the registrars may be offering, and then I'll register for the most years I think I'll ever want, or the max of 10.

These are teaser rates, so if you just buy one year, expect the full list price when it comes time to renew. Yes, you could transfer to another registrar to negotiate a good price, but what a pain. My thought is, if you have a good price in hand, lock it in.

SOLUTION: symfony 1.4 doctrine:generate-module error: The "xxxForm" form only accepts a "xxx" object

When trying to execute php symfony doctrine:generate-module frontend account Account I only got the following error (verbose output is at the end of this post.)

The "AccountForm" form only accepts a "Account" object.

This was driving me nuts. As it turns out it was all caused because I had a table named "form" in my database. Apparently this causes a classname conflict after code generation.

I revised my schema.yml to rename form to input_form and Form to InputForm.

CSS Frameworks

Recently I was building a new web application and found myself without a clear starting point for the styling, and we were weeks away from getting the look and feel approved by the client.

Where I work, each design is custom-made from the ground up by a creative group, and then HTML is edited to reference the tags and classes specified in the CSS. Any significant reuse or standardization in our of CSS has yet to occur.

Xdebug wizard to detect and recommend binary selection

It can be a challenge sometimes to determine which version of the xdebug binary is required for your system's configuration. This handy xdebug binary recommendation wizard will accept and parse your phpinfo(); or php -i output. It will tell you which version is installed and recommend a newer version, if applicable. It also has a link to the appropriate binary package and instructions for installation.

eZ Components proposes adoption by Apache Software Foundation as Zeta Components

I just discovered that the core developers of eZ components have left eZ Systems, but have worked out an arrangement with eZ Systems to donate the source code to the Apache Software Foundation.

Zeta Announcement Apr 19, 2010

Tobias Schlitt's blog post

VIDEO: Ipevo SOLO S0-10 Wired Ethernet Skype Phone

This is a video review put together by the good folks at Geekanoids for the Ipevo SOLO S0-10 Skype phone. It is a standalone unit; it requires no computer, just a wired ethernet connection. Skype is embedded.

The reviewer gives this phone a top rating in call quality, and ease of use. It has a handset and a speakerphone.

Based on this favorable review, as well as others seen around the net, I placed an order for one today. If you act quickly, Ipevo.com is offering the phone for $109 with free FedEx Ground shipping within the United States.